Workshops for September 2013

Spring – The Art of Eating
Wednesday 11 September / 10:00 – 12:30
Food that Energized create bliss and a slightly stoned feeling. Going on a diet is always an mistake – delicious food that make you loose weight.  Mostly Raw food with New Recipes and Information. Fresh Juice, Creamy Spicy Carrot Soup, Crystal Spring Rolls, New Waldorf Salad,  Sun-Fired Tomato Lasagna, Summer Peach Parfait and Ginger Tea.  R350

Eating What Your Body Needs
Wednesday 18 September / 10:00 – 12:30
You do not always need a doctor you just need a wise cook.  The uppers and downers of food. Recipes and Information. Peach Smoothie, New Ideas  –  Seasonal Steamed and Raw Salads with dips and flat bread.  Heavenly Mudslide Pie and Rose Hip and Hibiscus Tea.  R350


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