numnum website headernumnum is about food that is good for us, natural, unprocessed and untampered food, ideally grown wild on this Earth.

If we choose the right thing to eat, food becomes natural medicine that heals the body. Everyone is unique. You change, your body changes; through seasons, age and emotions – they all play a roll.

Fasting and cleansing purifies the body and mind but needs to be accompanied by a healthy, eating lifestyle. Incorporating more living food is a wonderful way to bring more nutrients into your diet.

Educating yourself how to eat the right way should be fun! Moving away from industrialized and long shelf life foods will not only keep you healthy but will also help to secure our food on our beautiful planet.

There is no diet that can replace simple, healthy eating. Skip the diet! Just eat nutritionally, dense food – transform your life with Wholefoods (a wholefood is food that has not being altered and remains in its natural state).

Cape Town’s Yolande van Papendorp is a holistic chef offering you consulting, workshops, retreats and catering.